About Me

I am an observational astronomer at the Centro de Astrobiologia (Madrid).

My research concerns the formation and early evolution of high-mass stars in our Galaxy, as well as their impact in the surrounding medium.  Due to the large dust extinction present in the Milky Way and in their immediate surroundings, wavelengths longward of 2 micron are the most suited ones to access the photospheric emission of the young high-mass stars.

My scientific interests range between:
  • Early compact phases of HII regions (hyper-compact and ultra-compact)
  • Young Stellar Objects (associated to high- and intermediate-mass stars): dust, gas and outflow activity associated to them.
  • Classification and fundamental parameters of "naked" high-mass stars.
  • Massive cluster properties through the study of  their high- and intermediate-mass stellar content.
  • Impact of high-mass stars with their surroundings: bubbles and triggered star formation
  • Telluric line removal in near-infrared spectroscopy using Earth's atmosphere models 

NGC7538 as seen by LIRIS@WHT
(Puga et al. 2010, A&A, 517, 2)